Clayton & Lambert Wet Bin mounted on a Roto-Flo Dryer. This was designed as a space saver for elevators where real estate was sparse. A great addition to that small town elevator on your layout with the same real estate problem. Designed from the prototype, our model has brackets for Tichy Train Group 8003 Caged Ladders, and Tichy Train Group 18″  grab irons. Includes bin adapter for use with 1/8″ Evergreen Tubing. This model is a 15′ diameter wet bin, and a 19′ diameter Roto-Flo.


Select 19′ or 24′ Roto-Flo


Footprint: 3 5/8″

Era: 1960’s-1980’s.

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19' Roto-Flo, 24' Roto-Flo

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