Contains 6 truss brackets for your leg pipes.  At the end of each arm is a 0.015″ cup, and we recommend using EZ-Line for the cable portion. A VERY tiny dot of ACC, and you’re on to the next one. Use ACC to secure to pipe.


NOTE: These are a snug fit to the tubing, please ensure the tubing end has NO BURS from cutting, and we recommend beveling the end slightly to accommodate the bracketing starting on the tubing. Push the bracket along the tubing with two or three fingers only from the center of the bracket. Pushing at the ends of the arms will break the bracket.  ACC is likely not needed to secure to the tubing as the paint should do the job. If you do chose to use ACC, only a very small amount at the edge once the bracket is in place.

DO NOT glue the end adapters in place before gluing your truss brackets in place.

These are VERY delicate, and should be handled with care.

pkg 6.