Elevator kit comes with everything but the buildings in the photos. Two 4400 bushel bins, one 5800 bushel bin, 4 C&L 16.000 bushel bins, Bucket elevator, two packages of extension legs, a Brock flat back 6 way distributor, two packages of truss kits for Evergreen 1/8″ tubing, two packages of bin adapters, two car loading chutes, Tichy Cages Ladders


Modeler will need to acquire:

1 package of Evergreen 224 1/8″ tubing

Elevator kit, we suggest one of the following:

Walthers 933-3036 Farmers Co-Op

Walthers 933-3096 Valley Growers

American Model Builders 115 Farmers Grain

American Model Builders 117 Hitzemans Feed

American Model Builders 166 Alton Elevator

American Model Builders 193 Country Grain Elevator

American Model Builders 2001 Dabler Mill

HO only. 1/64 and 1/48 upon request.