Modeling N scale and want a Blast Furnace? We have the craftsman starter kit for you! Kit includes a cast house floor in styrene plastic modeled after the Walthers kit (select from standard configuration or mirrored), a furnace column (also styrene) modeled straight from prints of Furnace E at Sparrows Point (for prototype size, unlike the Wathers Kit), bustle pipe, tuyeres, and roof trusses modeled after Bethlehem Lackawanna Furnace H.


Use Evergreen Styrene for H Columns and I Beams, corrugated sheet and roofing. We recommend getting the video Superdetailing The Walthers Blast Furnace and following along for the top works.

We recommend Plastruct Plastic Weld for styrene parts, and your favorite ACC for all resin printed parts.

Top Works Off-takes: Evergreen 231

Cast House H-Columns: Evergreen 283

Cast House I-Columns: Evergreen 276


Blast Furnace Stove kits coming in N Spring of 2024.