This 100,000 bushel, 48′ diameter bin is just what your modern elevator needs. These bins have been in production since the late 1970’s. So they’re right at home on your layout that fits that era to modern. The bin is one piece, so no assembling multiple parts and then multiple rings. Our new top is modeled after the Sioux Steel roofs, vents and power vents that are seen on bins of this size all over the country.

Manufactured in Styrene Plastic, assembling the bin stiffeners and tension rods is just a matter of using your favorite hobby cement. We recommend Plastruct Plastic Weld. ACC should be used to secure the bin top and aerators.

HO Kit includes: Bin Top, 5x aerators, 36x stiffening channels, 12x 0.040″ rod stock (to create 6 rod bands) and 1 piece bin body.

N Kit Includes: Bin body with ribs and rods, 1pc. top.

Select HO or N.

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