Tired of looking for that elusive Walthers Blowing Engine House Piping Kit?  Look no more. Higher quality, higher detail, and better fitting. Plus, more than was offered in the original kit.  Use Evergreen 230 (5/16) and Plastruct TB20 (5/8).

 An assortment of Tee’s, 45’s, 90’s, Flange Rings and Pipe Clean-outs.

Included in 5/16 dia. is the following:

2 tees, 2 45 degree elbows, 3 90 degree elbows, 9 pipe flanges and 1 clean-out, 3 couplers.

Included in 5/8 dia. is the following: 

3 tees, 3 45 degree elbows, 9 90 degree elbows, 12 pipe flanges and 3 clean-outs. 2 couplers.


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