Silo tops for slipform concrete silos that stand alone. These silo toppers make your life easy to use inexpensive and available PVC Tubing to generate concrete silos for your elevator. Chose from conveyor fed or grain leg fed tops. Grain Leg tops come with leg adapter Evergreen Box Tubing. The tops are 0.030 larger than the PVC outside diameter, and have a register that fits down inside the pvc to ensure your top is concentric to the tubing.


1.5″ PVC (HO 12′ Dia. Silo) Great for smaller layouts, although these sound small, they do exist.

4″ PVC (HO 30′ Dia. Silo)

5″ PVC (HO 40′ Dia. Silo)

Additional information

PVC Size

1.5, 4, 5


Leg, Conveyor