Before the age of corrugated bins with large capacity, feed mills and elevators used large diameter concrete stave silos, building a conventional lumber truss roof on top, and filling the silos via an auger. This type of silo combination once dotted the landscape across the nation. In the modern age, many have been torn down and replaced with corrugated steel or slip form concrete storage silos. In Castile NY, the mill there still uses their original concrete stave silos, augmented by modern bins, all in the same facility.  So whether your modeling 1910, or the 2000’s, this silo kit will fit right in at your small town elevator.

Kit includes two 24′ x 60′ stave silos, an auger section, corrugated end walls, five roof trusses printed in styrene, sub-roofing material, and a styrene base plate for proper spacing.


Modeler must provide their own shingle kits from their favorite supplier. We like Rail Scale Models for the variety of colors and styles, and the quality.  You will also need three sections of 0.060 x 0.060 or similar styrene strip as stringers for the roof trusses. And lastly, grab your favorite elevator or feed mill from Walthers or Amerian Model Builders.


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HO Scale, 7′ x 3 3/4″ footprint