Car or truck loading chute for 30′ Concrete Silos. Can be used with larger silos by simply sanding the cope in the silo end of the chute casting to a larger radius. Loading gate is modeled with chute open, but can be modeled closed by simply scoring the edges and removing the valve blade. Chain fall sheave is made for 40 LPI chain. The support cable pulley is cast into the end of the chute, and we suggest using EZ-Wire or button thread for the cable. The end of the chute will accept a length of 0.060 diameter black wire (HO) or 0.080 diameter black wire (1/64 Scale) to simulate the chute hose often used to fill covered hoppers.


Specify Scale.

We suggest using 3 1/2″ PVC for a 30′ silo in HO, or 5″ PVC for 1/64 Scale.

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HO, 1/64, 1/48