BOF HO Scale

We’d like to introduce you to our newest release, the Pecor BOF vessel kit. This kit is available in S, HO and N, with O scale on request. Included in your kit is a properly scaled BOF vessel, with Drive, Drive motors, Drive Mount, Pillow Block and Bearing, and an optional (S and HO only) Pedestal for the Pillow Block Bearing. N scale kits come with this component integral. Both kits come with the appropriate styrene axle for the whole assembly, making your vessel fully positionable. All components will be available as separate items in our Summer catalog.

The entire kit is available through May 30th for an introductory price of (does not include shipping):

$250.00 / Kit in HO
$275.00 / HO with Pedestal

$75.00 / Kit in N Scale

Prices after May 30th:
$275 / Kit in HO
$300 / HO with Pedestal

$100 / Kit in N Scale

S scale prices pending.