Cast 45 Degree Elbow

NEW! From Steel Mill Modelers Supply ! Stop hunting for the out of production and overpriced (on eBay) Walthers kit, and start plumbing your blowing engine house today with more prototypical fittings.

Walthers Blowing Engine House Pipe Fitting Kit.

An assortment of Tee’s, 45’s, 90’s, Flange Rings and Pipe Cleanouts. Use Evergreen Scale Models p#230 (5/16 tubing) and Plastruct TB-20 (5/8 Tubing).

Included in 5/16 dia. is the following:
2 tees, 2 45 degree elbows, 3 90 degree elbows, 9 pipe flanges and 1 clean outs.
Included in 5/8 dia. is the following: 
3 tees, 3 45 degree elbows, 9 90 degree elbows, 12 pipe flanges and 3 clean outs.

$88.00 Kit.

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