Whitwell Stove Top Kit. Includes Top, Exhaust Valve, Cold Blast Valve, Burner and Hot Blast Valve.  Select with or without stove body. Exhaust stack is sized correctly for Plastruct 5/8″ tubing. Clean out hatch covers are dimpled for you to drill for .022 wire lift rings. Cold Blast inlet is sized correctly for our 3/8 Whitwell cold blast valve. Platforms are pre-notched for hand-railing stanchions. Use Plastruct TB-250 tubing for stove body. Top does not have plate lines, as it is intended for you to glue the top to tubing, and add plate lines. Platform braces should be added by the modeler. Service crane base is built in, just add 0.100 rod and crane as described in Prairie Works 2nd video. HO Scale, N, S, & O Scales upon request.

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Single, Set of 3

Stove Body

Without, With Stove Body