The Union Railroad, owned by United States Steel, funnels materials used to make steel to its parent’s plants along the Monongahela River. While essentially an industrial switching and transfer operation, the tonnages are immense. In addition to bringing in bulk material and shipping out finished products, it moves products produced at one plant to another one.

The video starts out in North Bessemer where the Union connects with former US Steel sister road Bessemer & Lake Erie and down to the USS Edgar Thomson Works with scenes around the plant. Then it is across the Port Perry Bridge to the Duquesne Class Yard. From the yard, the trip continues south to Grant Street, Bull Run, Dravosburg Tunnel, the Irvin Works and on to the end of the line at the Clairton coke works. There are also side trips on the Munhall, Duquesne and Mifflin branches. Includes snowy winter scenes.

The video footage was shot between 1996 and 2001 by Scott Schaller and includes spectacular scenes of hot metal car action at the Edgar Thomson Works and historic photos.. The DVD video is 80 minutes long.