The Walthers Coke Ovens is a great kit and the only one of its kind, but it is somewhat thin on some details, lacks some key components and is too small.

This video shows how to transform two Walthers kits into something approaching museum-quality. Tons of detail are added to the kits that includes lengthening them, walkways, handrails, trolley lines, ammonia liquor spray pipes, modified quench tower, quench locomotive, coke guide, door extractor, oven pusher, coal dumphouse, coke load-out, coke wharf and new smokestack Finally the finished model is painted, weathered and mounted to the base with trackage.

The presenter is Jeff Borne, known for his heavy industry HO-scale layout “Columbia River Steel Corp.”

Includes a self-starting CD-ROM “book” with 314 photos and a list of parts used in the project and a 100-page construction instructions (in PDF format). CD contents can be printed out. The video is two hours.