The second part of the video series shows how to convert the Walthers Blast Furnace into specific prototypes, specifically the top works of United States Steel Carrie #7 furnace in Pittsburgh and one of the USS Ensley blast furnace top works in Birmingham, Alabama. Three-pass stoves, the type with smokestacks on top, are constructed using Walther’s stoves and the Walthers Electrostatic Precipitator is highly detailed with correct piping. A merchant iron blast furnace is also created from scratch, including three-pass Whitwell-type stoves. Again the presenter is Jeff Borne.

Includes a self-starting CD with a presentation that plays like a book on a computer, which works in PCs (WIN 2000/XP/Vista/7) & Macs, with 385 photos. Also on the CD are construction instructions on building the models and a parts list for each project in Adobe Acrobat format. Video is 95 minutes long.