Metal (as opposed to wood) cable reels have been around at least since the early 1950’s. Common in off shore work, these reels represent the two most common types.  Corrugated Aluminum and fabricated steel. Carrying everything from plastic tubing to aluminum high tension cable for electrical use, these reels make great freight car loads using AAR rules, or scenery decoration.  Shipped both empty and loaded, you can model either. If seeking to model a loaded reel, I highly recommend using Northeast Scale Lumber. Their HO 2×8’s (39 of them) work great, then just add Chartpak tape for metal banding, and you have a great load. Check with Northeast Scale Lumber for correct 2×8’s in your scale. These reels come in all colors, from silver to blue and light green.  Other colors are likely out there, a google images search will yield lots of ideas. Including how many you’d want to load on a particular car.  These are shipped both on flatcar and in gondolas. Need smaller reels for your load?  Simply go down one scale for the next size smaller!


Chose fabricated steel or corrugated aluminum, and then your scale.


N and HO Pkg. 4

1/64 and Proto 48, Pkg of 2.

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Fabricated Steel, Corrugated Aluminum


N, HO, 1/64, Proto48