One of the iconic appliances of any plant in the mill is the circular cooler at the sintering plant. This one from Bethlehems Lackawanna plant is just about as unique as they come.  As no plans exist for this cooler, this model is an artistic approximation of the original, using scaled photographs from the HAER website.  The loading conveyor is distinctly different in that the original is very complex, and there are no good photos to scale all the parts from. So, ours functional visually, and easy for the modeler to prep and paint.  All walkways are notched for locations of handrail stanchions (use Evergreen 131) 0.030 x 0.030 strip, and (Evergreen 100) 0.010 x 0.020 for the handrails. Evergreen 275 for all I-Beams under the cooler, and Evergreen 285 H-Columns for legs.  Guide notches are provided in the bottom of the cooler to assure plumb legs and straight adjoining beams. Kit includes Shepards Hook lamps for walkways that conveniently fit into sockets in the walkways. Lastly, a measuring fixture is provided for accurate leg height to assure loader conveyor base sits squarely on your layout base or your building baseplate.

A suggestion for the building is Walthers Rolling Mill, or scratch build your own structure with Evergreen parts and our roof trusses (correct roof trusses for the lackawanna building will be released in November should the modeler want to simulate this prototype structure.)

Cold Blast line is 1/2″ Evergreen Styrene Tubing.

Water Main is 3/16″ Evergreen Styrene Tubing.

Lackawanna Sintering Plant environmental controls for this building will be released in 2024, along with an 1/64 Scale version of all parts.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the modeler go to the link below and download .tif files for the appropriate photos for modeling purposes. Copy and paste the link in your browser.

HAER Link: http://www.loc.gov/pictures/search/?q=Sintering%20Plant&co=hh


*This model is intended for the experienced scratch builder, and not the novice.