Kinney M1963 Gas Burner for use with blast furnace stoves.

Suitable for late transition era through modern era for the look of an older blast furnace. Mix and match with the M1971 stove burner on the stoves in the Walthers Kit to create the look of older equipment still in use, or back date the Walthers kit stoves with our 3 pass Stove tops and these burners.  Fresh air duct top supplied separate so you can determine height as appropriate for your prototype example or freelance. Uses Evergreen 3/8 styrene tubing. Appropriately sized 3/8 gas supply receives Evergreen or Plastruct tubing.

Gas burner and control valve both use 0.039 brass rod to simulate the gas burner is off or heating, and valve is open or closed. Use your favorite brake wheels to finish off the mania controls. 

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