A must have exhaust fan for any large structure that needs fumes or heat removed.  The fan is 6′ in diameter, and can handle any large structure.  There are two sizes for the openings, both designed around Walthers parts. These fans are great for he scratch builder too.


Type A is for Walthers Modulars.  Although discontinued kits, these continue to be a popular base to work from, as there are tons of them still out there. 1.28″ tall and 1.35″ wide on the panel, no recessed flange. pkg. of 3.

Type B is for Walthers Champion Packing Plant, a staple in the kit bash community, with it’s 4 story brick design and style that makes it look more like a boiler plant or similar heavy industry building.  1.175″ tall,  1.565″ wide with a recessed frame. pkg of 3.

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A, B