Francis Turbines were used in the Niagara Hydroelectric Power Plant. Made by Allis-Chalmers and Baldwin Locomotive Works (later Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton), and shipped on special spans built to carry the turbine blades. The spans rode on the versatile Pennsylvania Railroad F22 “Gun Flat.” Our model is made to do just that.  Our example is used with Roundhouse “shorty” flats, as they have a metal frame, and have extra eight added to the frame. F&C Gun Flats should work, but you need to make the cars as heavy as you can. The Roundhouse flats end up being 4.5oz each, and ride on Bowser Crown Trucks, which is prototype for the F22’s after being refitted in the 50’s.


Kit includes the span, Francis Turbine, two 1/8 Stainless Dowel Pins (these are inserted into the span), and two 1/8″ bore shouldered bronze bushings. The bushings need to be added to the center of the flatcar, and recessed into the deck slightly.  Turbines were stainless steel, and should be painted your favorite silver.  The example is Tamiya Mica Silver. HO only. 1/64 and 1/48 upon request. All parts should be wet sanded to remove printing “pips” and primered before painting. We recommend Tru-Color or Tamiya Primer. Modeling photos and video coming soon.

*Flatcars, trucks, couplers, and paint are not included.  For the experienced modeler.

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Kit or Span Only

Kit, Span only