Columbia plate steel bins dot the landscape at older elevators like the one where our model comes from in Whiting KS. Perfect for your Pre-WWII layout, and used in service all the way through the 80’s or 90’s, and even today. There are a larger set of these in service in Leland IL. The silos are 18′ in diameter, and 65′ tall. Perfect for use with just about any elevator from Walthers or American Model Builders. Supplied with a Silo Adapter for use with Evergreen 3/16 box tubing in HO, or Evergreen 1/4″ box tubing in 1/64. Or use with a Grain Bin Adapter Hatch for Evergreen 1/8″ round tubing for HO, or Evergreen 5/32″ round tubing in 1/64 scale. Or feed with our auger system (coming in September).


Sold ea. Custom heights available upon request.

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N, HO, 1/64, 1/48

Leg Adapter Type

Square Leg, Round Leg

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