A Snort valve is a butterfly valve which installed in the cold blast line main before the stove normally located near the blast furnace. It is used for reducing or completely stop the air blast to the BF without stopping the operation of the blower.

The valve is opened when it is necessary to decrease the blast pressure rapidly. This discharges the cold blast air to the atmosphere and keeps a positive pressure on the cold blast line so that the gas from the furnace cannot travel back to the blower. Because of rapid discharge of the air when the valve is opened, it is to be equipped with a muffler to control the noise level. The excess air is blown away through a blow off device which is mechanically interlinked with the main valve for proportionate opening / closing. (Courtest of www.ispatguru.com) Slipover slips directly over 5/8″ hot blast main for HO, xxx for 1/64.  Add-A-Valve allows the Snort Valve to be added to an existing model.

Chose: HO or 1/64

Chose: Slipover or Add-A-Valve

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HO, 1/64


Slipover, Add-A-Valve