Designed for the Accurail 7500 (70 ton) and 7700 (50 ton) hoppers, these coke extensions (which could also be used for wood chip cars) attach directly to the top edge of the car.  Extensions are one piece, and have a register that locates the extension perfectly.  An added bonus is a register inside the extension that allows your loads to ride at the proper height inside the extension, rather than down in the hopper body. No more making spacers for your coke loads. Simply prime and paint separately, or glue to hopper top and mask off the car for painting. (You will need to sand off the reinforcing plates at the top of the hopper corners for proper fit). Accurail provides a quality car, and is available undecorate, data only, and in many major road names.


Select 7500 series or 7700 series when ordering.  HO Scale.


Accurail part numbers are as follows:

7500 Undecorated 70 Ton

7597 Data Only Black 70 Ton

7598 Data Only Mineral Red 70 Ton

7599 Data Only Oxide 70 Ton

7700 Undecorated 50 Ton

7797 Data Only Black 50 Ton

7798 Data Only Mineral Red 50 Ton

7799 Data Only Oxide 50 Ton


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7500, 7700