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Model a DuPont Dry Chemical Tote load on your bulkhead flat car. These totes were used from the early 1960’s in the 1980’s. An easy to model load that brings your Walthers or like brand bulkhead flat car up to NMRA weight standards. Simply paint the load, glue it to the deck, add the brass rods at the four corners (0.020″ brass rod provided in HO, N scale use 0.010 if added, modeler must provide wire) and paint them, and your hauling revenue. Helps keep your bulkhead flat cars from derailing due to low weight.


N and HO

1/64 and 1/48 TBA.

Totes: Tamiya Mica Silver or similar

Hold Down Frames: Tamiya Hull Red or similar.

Threaded Rods: Dark Grey or Black.

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