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This massive structure kit is inspired by the Middle Town Furnace bag house. The prototype is used on a large scale blast furnace, but bag houses like this one are used all over the steel mill complex at BOF’s and EAF’s, as well as other industries where a large amount of dust and fumes are generated. This kit is an 8 Filter House kit, and in HO only.


Evergreen Styrene shapes are required for this Craftsman kit, and should be provided by the modeler.  All columns are Evergreen 5/32 H Column (p# 285).  Cross bracing for the columns is at the modelers discretion, but we suggest using Evergreen 0.060 angle (p# 291) in one direction of the X and Evergreen 0.015 x 0.060 (p# 113) in the other. Chutes from rotary valves to dust bags are should be Evergreen 3/16 (p#226). A base plate of 0.060″ styrene is recommended (8″ x 20 1/2″ is the recommended footprint for the 8 filter house model). Down comer from furnace or industry is 1″ PVC, this can be obtained at your local hardware store.  Flange rings are available in our Pipe Fitting section. Down Comer height is designed to be used with Walthers 933-4555 Steel Railroad Bridge Tower Bents. These are VERY similar to the bents used at Middletown for their down comer.  Combine two bents to make a tower if you’re adding any elbow (45 or 90) to your down comer, at the location of the elbow. Tichy Rivet Plates 8214 are recommended for frame to cross bracing (see reference photos.) Stack is designed to use Tichy Train Group Caged Ladder Kit 8002.

ACC glue of your choice should be used to secure resin parts to styrene.

CAREFULLY WASH all resin parts with Dawn dish detergent and a VERY soft tooth brush and let dry overnight before assembly.

DO NOT leave resin parts in room that gets ANY Sunlight. This will cause the parts to over cure, and could cause warping.

A fixture is included to facilitate mounting the column footers to your styrene baseplate.  There are round “legs” on the fixture designed to keep the fixture elevated from the baseplate while gluing the footers in place.  DO NOT GLUE THE FIXTURE TO YOUR BASEPLATE. It is designed to assist you, and then be removed before installing the columns.  Columns are 2.5″ in length. It is recommended that these be identical. If you have one, use a caliper to measure them all, or make a small “GO/NO GO” fixture to measure them.

We recommend priming the parts with your favorite primer. You are not held to our recommendation, but we recommend Tru-Scale Dark Grey, or Tamiya Grey for best results. Do not prime areas that are to be ACC glued to the next part if priming before assembly.

For stairs and railings, we suggest using Tichy Train Group 8002 Stairs and 8193 Strap Railing.

This kit is a Craftsman Kit, the modeler should have moderate to expert level scratch building skills. IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR THE BEGINNER OR AMATEUR modeler. It is not our intention to provide a commercial type kit where all materials are provided. We have simply manufactured the difficult or laborious items to make the end product come about faster, and limit the modelers time to the detail items. Additional details like electrical conduit, stair towers, walkways, etc, are the modelers responsibility. Detailed photographs are available to the modeler of the prototype upon request for super detailing reference.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: This kit takes approximately 10 days to manufacture.  If there are three people in front of you also ordering this kit, that means you could have as much as 4-6 weeks lead time in receiving your bag house.

For further instruction, or questions, please email us at SteelMillModelersSupply@outlook.com


Off-takes for the Walthers or SMMS Blast Furnace Cast house are in the works. Please be patient. Until then, the modeler will have to scratch build their own. A smaller version with 4 Filter Houses is in the works, and a larger version with 14 filter houses is available upon request. 1/64 and 1/48 Scale version available upon request.

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