AHM released a car they called a Calcium Carbide Carrier in the 60’s or 70’s.  The car came with no containers, and for roads which never owned the car. In fact, the car has no prototype at all. As the car is a fictional car, why not use it for a Freelanced road? The majority of calcium carbide in the U.S. was manufacture in Western New York by DuPont.  Enjoy these decals to give new life to those neglected Calcium Carbide container cars, and pick up 24 of our 1950’s to present calcium carbide containers and have a unique car with a unique load. The cars shown in the photos have been modified and super detailed.  A photo tutorial will be available to model this car as Allegheny Route shop crews have.


Decals sold 1 set for 1 car. HO only.

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