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3 Pass Stove parts available as kits.  Chose scale and number of stoves desired.

N Kits do not contain a burner.

HO, S  Kit contains 1 M1963 Kinney Burner,  1 3 Pass Stove Top, 1 3 Pass Stove Exhaust Valve, 1 3 Pass Stove Cold Blast Valve,  and 5 Manholes.

Don’t forget to browse over to our Hot Blast Valves and select the valve you want, and order one per stove.


Stove bodies are scribed with circumferential plate lines.  The model is responsible for scribing the vertical plate lines.

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Number of Stoves

Single Stove, 3 Stove Kit

With or Without Body

With Body, Without Body


N, HO, S, O